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Agile @ big Village


Agile @ Big Village takes complex issues and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks. We leverage our unique combination of qualitative, quantitative, secondary and analytic tools, combined with industry expertise to provide our clients with insights they can use quickly.

Our Agile @ Big Village approach is designed for flexibility, allowing for new questions to arise during the project, with the most relevant methodology applied in the moment to address emerging questions. Big Village’s experienced project leaders and industry experts guide our clients through a quick paced, results focused agile project. Focusing on the most pressing questions and building on insights over time, our clients gain the understanding they need to win in the market, fast.

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The Big Village Approach

At the heart of Agile @ Big Village are short, iterative sprints where our team collaborates closely with our clients to prioritize the questions to answer. Our experts determine the most effective tools and techniques to answer the question quickly. Big Village summarizes the learnings, collaborates with clients’ on the new questions arising from new insights and designs the next sprint, drawing on a unique combination of qual, quant and analytic tools. We fit-for-purpose the most effective approach to address the highest priority business questions. We integrate all the insights obtained to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues.


How & For Whom

Agile @ Big Village can be applied to almost any business issue, including brand health, communication testing, market identification, innovation and customer experience. Agile @ Big Village leverages the full suite of the Big Village capabilities.


Download our Agile guide, “Best Practices for Obtaining Consumer Insights Faster,” to ensure you have the voice of the customer at the right time, with relevant insights to inform business decisions.

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