Consolidating and automating multiple research
programs into one, easy-to-use platform


Manage as many as ten separate customer relationship survey programs for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise support services (ESS) division.

Each program was unique having separate customer databases, different survey questionnaires, methodologies, reporting outputs and business owners.


We consolidated and automated these multiple research programs in order to deliver:

  • Single core questionnaire (with variations by each program)
  • Consolidation of database extracts
  • Consistent sampling approach
  • Consistent metrics and reports
  • Closed Loop escalation process with immediate alerts to managers
  • Consistent, coordinated improvement strategies at global/regional levels
  • Consolidated key account reports across all programs.

The reports were consolidated into a single platform, our Integrated Reporting Portal (iPortal), with nearly 5,000 HP Enterprise users worldwide.


Streamlined and reduced the cost of managing multiple and separate survey programs.

Allowed Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to develop consistent and coordinated improvement programs across the regions.

Improved CRM database.

Reduced churn and established an early warning system.

Achieved greater engagement amongst delivery managers.