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Department of Health

Life Checks


Help aging adults make better health choices by launching a behavioral change tool and driving awareness to public resources.


We initiated an arsenal of research tactics including desk research, guerilla research, in-depth interviews, prototype user testing, quantitative research, and more. From our findings, we worked with multiple Commonwealth Government Departments and Agencies to co-design tools that would bring together user needs, research evidence, identify triggers, motivations, and barriers to change, along with the relevant measures and advice.

We used rapid prototyping to develop concepts, test with users, and run continuous iterations through to the final product. Aligned with government digital standards, the final tool supported users in being prepared, healthy, independent, and connected to their community as they age. Topics covered by the tool are Health, Finances, Job Skills, and Social Life.


6 weeks after campaign launch


Site visits.


Completions of the tool.


of people that completed the tool proceeded to recommended resource links.


of people sent themselves their results by email.