BBC Worldwide

Optimizing the Customer Journey


Understand the impact advertising on the BBC platform delivers at various stages of the customer journey and identify what drives effectiveness to optimize future campaign planning.


We brought together 16 discreet data sourcesfrom survey data to digital analytics, to TV and commercial sources. 

  • Brand tracking data conducted over the past 2 years and covering 170+ campaigns advertised on BBC platform during this period
  • Digital performance data, including total campaign impressions, devices, creative formats, etc.
  • Analog data, including TVC spot lengths, programming, formats etc.
  • Internal data, including spend

All data sources were aggregated at campaign level, enabling the application of advance analytics.

The learnings provided a deep understanding of a publisher’s effectiveness to drive impact across various stages of customer journey.

It shed light on how different digital formats might influence outcomes, identified roles of different campaign components and help to uncover optimisation opportunities.

Drivers of impact were established and used to build interactive simulator.


Identified that the BBC platform is most effective in the latter stages of the consumer funnel.

Unlocked the key vehicle in generating reach and engagement.

Strengthened BBC’s credibility with by showcasing evidence of the campaign impact of their platform, particularly at the latter part of customer journey.

Enabled clients to access simulation tool to guide future optimisation of their campaigns.