What Is It?

You work hard to make business decisions related to competitors, markets, trends, and customer strategies. You spend too much time hunting for information and not enough time applying it to your business decisions. You struggle with limited time to support your internal customers and to find, evaluate and use valuable information sources and technology. This makes you worry about missing critical information because of a lack ofaccess to authoritative sources that go beyond Googling the open web.

Most knowledge professionals are struggling to find budget balance between staff and critical content as they are forced to do more with less. This often leaves them without access to important information or without staff to address all the business support needs of the organization.

What they don’t realize is that they’re not investing in the right solutions to research their business issues and they make decisions with incomplete information.

The most effective insights, strategy, and innovation leaders provide their knowledge workers with the critical information they need to solve problems and make decisions byintegrating human insight, information, and technology to deliver cost-effective business decision support. This enables their knowledge workers to concentrate on what they do best – not hunting for information and knowledge but applying it.

ENGINE’s Accelerated Intelligence Service integrates human insight and authoritative content with technology to deliver cost-effective business decision support. Our team of analysts access over 100,000 authoritative content sources to address your critical business decisions. Our analysts leverage continuously improving sources that integrate text analytics, AI, and other technologies. We have a scalable model that affordably accesses a comprehensive set of critical sources based on your needs.

We create holistic solutions by blending advisory expertise, insights from extensive authoritative published sources, professional insights from peer-recommended experts, rapid consumer surveys, and social media analytics.

Our Offerings

Market Assessment

Current assessment of a specific industry to support decisions to move into new geographies, acquisitions in new markets and understand competitive landscapes.

Company Assessment

When you need to get a detailed understanding of acquisition targets, potential partners, competitors, customers, and suppliers.

Trend Impacts

Anticipate the future direction of trends, innovate ahead of the market, move early and move fast with less risk.

Media Audits

Identify, quantify and qualify media coverage of your brand, topic or market to assist you with recognizing white spaces in public relation efforts.

Supplier Verification

Identification and verification of suppliers of materials and components for new product development, alternative sources for procurement and back up suppliers for manufacturing.

Product Sample Acquisition

Acquisition of product samples for deformulation, reverse engineering, new product development, and manufacturing line changes.

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