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What Is It?

ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon. Brands are increasingly using customer experience to differentiate and drive business performance, but often focus on chasing metrics rather than focusing on business outcomes. By combining performance measurement, behavioral data and predictive analytics, ENGINE’S Outcomes360:CX reveals the specific levers that will drive customer acquisition and retention and maximize lifetime value.

Our services include CX program creation and management, CX transformation consulting practice, journey mapping, predictive analytics & prescriptive actions.

Outcomes 360 CX

Successful brands are intentional about impacting behavioral outcomes. Outcomes360:CX is more than a measurement program, and more than a customer experience tracking program. It’s a complete perspective of the competitive landscape, the drivers of brand selection and loyalty and an understanding of customers’ digital and offline behavioral patterns that drive successful customer experience. By allowing us to understand not just what the customer does but also why they do it we are able to better predict what they will do next, how the experience will transform and prescribe the best actions to improve business outcomes. We’ll help you create your system for sustainable organization change; a structured step by step approach toward CX centricity and maturity. 


We Believe

The customer is at the heart of your business, so you must place customers at the heart of business decision-making.

Brands no longer control the narrative, making earned word of mouth more critical.

It’s critical to be intentional about impacting behavioral outcomes.

Performance is best understood relative to the expectations of your customers.

Predictive prioritization is critical.


What You Get From ENGINE

A single source of truth for your CX performance.

A holistic, 360° view of your customer.

Advisory services to align your organization and prioritize actions based on ROI.

Development of statistical models that link CX to tangible business outcomes, driven by your unique needs.

Integration of your existing CX programs with operational, behavioral, and first & third-party data to create a holistic, 360° view of your customers.

Workshops to identify desired operational actions.

Prescriptive action planning based on predictive modeling to drive the right outcomes for your business.

Portals & reporting to bring specific plans to life.

Modeled NPS for every customer to more effectively cross-sell, service, and communicate with your customers.

Digital audiences matching your most loyal and engaged customers for improved targeting.

CX Transformation

ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon.  When you proactively manage the customer experience across your enterprise to impact business outcomes, you are driving toward superior performance. To create your system for sustainable organizational change, a structured step by step approach toward CX centricity is required.  Your approach must consider your brand’s CX Maturity, which is the ability to proactively design, implement, manage, and continuously enhance the customer experience in ways that will impact business outcomes.

Our CX program evaluation, consulting and recommendations are based on ENGINE’s CX maturity model to ensure your CX program continues to improve, including early ”wins”.

The greater the level of performance on each of the 8 key CX competencies, the more mature the level of customer experience. Measuring against this framework allows you to advance your level of CX maturity, with the ultimate goal of reaching the level of CX Leaders.

ENGINE brings CX program evaluation, consulting and recommendations based on ENGINE’s CX maturity model to ensure your CX program continues to improve.

ENGINE’S CX Consultancy Helps
Customer Focused Organizations:

Identify priorities of focus.

Review measurement programs (including survey design).

Design prescriptive solution driven by your unique needs.

Ensure early “wins” to bootstrap the organization forward.

Provide a holistic change management system to guide change.

Drive your business outcomes.

Create lifelong connections with your brand.

Customer Journey Mapping & Analytics

ENGINE sees Customer Journey Mapping as the process of uncovering what customers feel, think, and do at each step of their interaction with a brand…from initial exposure to termination…and identifies pain points and opportunities to improve or redesign those interactions.

Our customer-centric CX perspective addresses the need to place customers at the heart of business decision-making, and works well as lines between Acquisition and Experience stages of the customer journey continue to become more blurred.


How We Do It


Internal Mapping

External Mapping


Mapping Calibration



How We Deliver

Initial workshop to review the overall plan and materials, identify stakeholders, segments, and align on scope and process

Workshop to document journeys from internal stakeholders’ viewpoint and gain alignment

Qualitative interviews to understand the customers’ journey; pleasant surprises and friction in the process

Presentation of journey mapping work to date. Review the gaps and similarities between the internal the external perspectives.


We Focus on Aligning Your
Organization for Action

Comprehensive: capture the journey from cradle to grave

Holistic: connect the experiences of your customers, suppliers, and employees

Addresses both friction points and areas of opportunity

Connect what to why: the behaviors, emotions and attitudes that drive decisions

Make it happen: designed for action to drive business results

Predictive Analytics & Prescriptive Actions

Decide with confidence. In a complex world, ENGINE makes decision-making simple. Use our powerful prediction engine to know the impact of your business decisions before you make them, so you can invest your time and money in the things that matter.

Our machine learning predictive simulator uses Bayesian Networks to determine how all the elements in a complex system work together: which variable affect each other, and to what extent, so you can predict what will happen if you change one thing or multiple things in your system.


What You Can Do

Include your whole ecosystem: Our model ingests all data – emotional, functional, behavioral, business, first party, third party, structured and unstructured, so you can understand the impact of every lever in your system

Decide on your time: the model is always-on, so you can understand the impact of any decision, any time

Grow your insight as you grow your business: Our simulator grows and develops over time, so you can adapt it as your system gets more complex

Focus your customer experience resources on the factors that have an outsize impact on customer satisfaction

Transform your KPIs by understanding which factors in your customer journey have the biggest impact on growth

Connect your brand-building initiatives to your performance marketing initiatives to learn how they impact each other

Inform your product development and innovation strategy

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