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Digital Audiences

This Solves

Did you know that your digital campaigns probably don’t reach the audiences you intend them to as frequently as you thought? To target campaigns efficiently, marketers and their agencies are increasingly relying on pre-built audiences, data products that infer preferences based on digital behaviors. But this approach often misses the mark, simply because the human judgements around what digital behaviors do (or do not) signal are sometimes imperfect. The reality is that online behavior does not always imply intent. So how can you make sure you are reaching the right audiences?

ENGINE’s Attitude Based Audiences enable advertisers,
agencies, and insights leaders alike to reach the right person at the right time more effectively than traditional programmatic audience targeting tactics by marrying survey research with digital behavior. In contrast to the contextual judgements upon which most other audience solutions in the marketplace are built, ENGINE relies on the voice of the consumer to validate the appropriate digital signals to target.

How Does It Work?

To do this, we deterministically match (i.e. 1:1 match) online behavior with attitudes and intentions that advertisers want to target. Via machine learning, we use this 1:1 match to identify the digital signals that are most indicative of a specified attitude or intention. We then scale our solution to the wild in order to connect advertisers to consumers that exhibit the behaviors our analysis tells us are indicative of the attitude or intention the advertiser desires.

ENGINE’s Attitude Based Audiences can be accessed in three ways:

  1. Pre-Built Inventory – a portfolio of over 100 pre-built audiences covering Financial Services, Automotive, Telecommunications and Tech, Home Improvement and more
  2. Plug-In to Existing Study – build an audience from an existing tracking study or other proprietary research platform
  3. From Scratch – build an audience from scratch using ENGINE’s bespoke research capabilities

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