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Digital Hives

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As brand engagement is increasingly driven by advocacy and brand decisions by personal resonance, never has it been more important to forge deep emotional connections with your customers, prospects, and employees.

With so many competing forces vying for your audience’s attention, meet them where they are – online. Engage with them in their natural environment and at their convenience while uncovering quick-turn insights to make informed business decisions, all within your timeline and your budget.

With ENGINE’s Digital Hives, you can get into the homes, hearts, and minds of your key audiences to uncover the insights you need to build authentic relationships and drive organic brand growth. Go behind the glass as your members engage in discussions, polls, live chats, co-creation activities, image reviews, and more to discover emotional truths.

Whether you’re a healthcare company looking to connect with patients and physicians, a non-profit seeking to understand the backgrounds of those you serve, an ad agency optimizing your pitch, or automotive manufacturer ironing out the purchase journey, there is a Digital Hive solution for you.

Our Offerings

Snapshot Hives

Host a 1 or 3 Day Digital Hive for rapid feedback from a broad cross-section of consumers, going from request to report in as little as 5 or 10 days.

Immersion Hives

Go deeper on a particular topic with your target consumers for 5-7 days, going from request to report in as little as 15 days.

Hive Series

Check-in with your target segment over time on evolving projects, being able to pop up anytime, 2-4x per year.

Always On Hives

Engage with your audience for 6 months, a year, or more to get an ongoing perspective on the “voice of the consumer” via quantitative and qualitative research on demand.


This is really insightful and nicely packaged. I also appreciate the quick turnaround



Wow – this is cool…I’m very surprised we got this much insight in one day.



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