What Is It?

In a world where online data is growing every minute, brands must pay attention to stay relevant. By leveraging consumer conversations across forums, blogs, review sites and social media, we provide data-driven customer understanding.

In the digital age, brands must be more vigilant than ever. Social media data provides real-time feedback, enabling ENGINE to build early warning and crisis management systems for clients as well as competitive intelligence for clients.

Social media insights can also be utilised for proactive brand-building strategies. Natural Language Processing enables sentiment analysis to uncover met and unmet needs of consumers. This is most valuable when paired with primary research such as customer loyalty studies.

One of the most popular uses of online data is tracking trends. Through text analysis, current trends can be monitored and emerging trends can be identified. This is vital for any company that aims to stay relevant whilst trends shift more than ever.

In today’s competitive market landscape, brands can no longer ignore the value in online data. Contact us to find out how ENGINE can enhance your customer understanding through online data.

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