Expert Networks: Subject Matter Expertise On-Demand

What Do You Do When You Need Subject Matter Expertise On-Demand?

Navigating challenges in today’s world often requires a high level of subject matter expertise. Today’s practitioners, while trained in most elements of their function, frequently do not have the specialized knowledge that certain situations call for. Often, someone with years of relevant experience and/or advanced degrees in a particular subject area is required.

Expert networks solve this problem. Expert networks can provide efficient access to specialized skill sets, filling the gap for expertise that an organization may not have in-house and only occasionally needs. Think of expert networks as a marketplace of skilled and experienced advisors.


Expert Network Use Cases

Litigation: Court cases continue to increase in complexity. An expert witness who is highly specialized can be called upon to testify and help mitigate liability and other risks.

Innovation: When working on new technologies, subject matter experts are often engaged to solve difficult problems or to vet current thinking.

Supplementing Project Teams: Complex problems usually involve supplemental expertise, above and beyond what an organization may already have on hand. Subject matter experts can be pulled in for a portion of, or the full duration of a project.

ENGINE Insights is uniquely equipped to help. Expert ENGINE specializes in qualifying, coordinating, and administering all of your expert needs. Think of ENGINE as the role of the matchmaker, where we take the time to understand exactly what you require and find the perfect marriage for the expert network you need. Expert ENGINE has a comprehensive panel of experts across all disciplines and verticals, and a proven track record of custom recruiting to fulfill even the most niche requirements.


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Written By Richard Catrone, EVP of Global Operations at ENGINE Insights.

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