The Power of Creative Evaluation

Using Creative Evaluation to Assess Brand Engagement

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When it comes to brand communication and marketing, creative efforts and strategy can often feel like a shot in the dark. Knowing which components of a campaign performed well and where improvements can be made is valuable information, but often difficult to come by. With engagement metrics and insight, you can better position your brands and create effective messaging to propel your brand forward faster. ENGINE’s Creative Evaluation can help you do just that.


ENGINE’s Creative Evaluation Solution

ENGINE’s Creative Evaluation measures brand engagement and helps to strengthen your brand by creating and fine-tuning communication with your target audience. The test serves as a brand assessment to optimize the health and position of your brand, relative to the competition, measured against your objectives. ENGINE provides the ability to optimize creative development by identifying winning advertising concepts that resonate with a brand’s key target audiences.


Gauge Media Investment Effectiveness

Putting the wrong message into the market is not only wasteful, but it can also negatively impact consumers’ engagement with your brand and may create a bad brand experience, ultimately leading to customer attrition. Pre-testing creative concepts helps ensure the message will resonate, minimizing waste and the risk of a bad brand experience. Best-in-class approaches leverage multiple data sources such as surveys and consumer behavior data to help brands get the most out of their creative. By combining consumer feedback on creative executions and consumer behavior, creative evaluations can provide useful insights on how the message is received by key target audiences.

The areas are critical to assessing the effectiveness of creative executions:

  1. Are viewers willing to view/watch the ad?
  2. Which ideas are most relevant/liked and why?
  3. Will the brand, product, and overall message stick in the memory of the viewers?
  4. How is the ad rated on ?
  5. Is the ad likely to stimulate action? and if not, what can be improved upon from the finished execution?
  6. Should smart use of technology brings the promise of pre-testing to life?

Embracing technology to be better and faster, ENGINE has built a test and learn ecosystem, providing fast feedback on your brands’ creative, just in time for decision making. Test multiple executions among different audiences or optimize for your key target. With dashboards and analytics designed to facilitate decision-making, ENGINE’s creative evaluation platform provides your team with the intelligence they need to optimize your creative and maximize your returns.


Written by Shahib Choudhury, Director, Research & Insights at ENGINE Insights

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