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Building & Measuring Your Brand

Brand building is a science, one that takes data and discipline. It is also an art where making connections elicits emotions. Overall, it’s a journey, a process of continuous improvement as the competitive landscape, market dynamics and consumer needs change over time.


To stand out today, brands need to clearly define the benefits they provide to consumers, as well as what they stand for in the marketplace. To effectively define these characteristics, brands must properly assess the competitive landscape, deeply understand customer needs, and have systems in place to track brand-building performance to inform improvement initiatives.  

Through a smart combination of survey research, online qual, and activation techniques, Big Village delivers custom solutions. In addition to brand building, the Big Village portfolio of campaign measurement solutions is designed to provide marketers not only direction on whether their campaigns are working, but also what they need to do differently in the future to improve their campaigns. 

Success Factors

Big Village Helps Track and Activate Brands

  • Assess brand performance versus competitors
  • Identify the functional and emotional drivers of brand preference
  • Identify the drivers of brand performance and steps needed to improve
  • Identify opportunities to reach new audiences and recommended tactics to reach them
  • Measure and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, either individual campaigns or a comprehensive marketing mix
  • Identify which messages break through and why
  • Isolate the key target audiences to bring in new customers and form stronger relationships with existing ones, including addressable audiences which can be used across DMPs

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