Becoming More Consumer Focused


CareFirst has built a strong reputation on delivering service excellence for decades.

As a market leader, CareFirst also recognizes that considerable industry change (new entrants, M&A) and rising customer expectations are challenging traditional organizations like theirs today. As a result, CareFirst is on an accelerated path to become more customer-focused.


A mission like this starts with a better understanding of end-to-end consumer experience.

ENGINE helped CareFirst capture this journey from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, including internally at CareFirst and across consumers with different types of plans including competitors. The final consumer journey map revealed key moments of truth – points that could make or break the relationship with CareFirst. We validated these key moments with a broader quantitative study to feed into the next step.

With a solid understanding of the consumer journey and the moments that matter the most to their members, ENGINE helped CareFirst establish a comprehensive CX measurement system grounded in the voice of the customer. ENGINE deployed adaptive technology for things like real-time probing, text analytics, dashboard reporting, and closed-loop feedback.


This system provides CareFirst with an ongoing pulse on key performance metrics, as well as actionable guidance both in real-time (closed-loop feedback system) and for planning ahead.

Additionally, ENGINE was able to connect key performance metrics to business metrics like retention and acquisition, which will provide CareFirst with a way to quantify the value of becoming more customer-focused.