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Companies are embedded in a wider environment than just their customers and themselves. Competitors, suppliers, partners, distributors, dealers and new entrants all have influence over a company’s business environment. Competitively successful organizations must develop and rely upon an effective evaluation of their environment utilizing a wide array of intelligence sources. That’s where ENGINE’s Company Assessments can help!

Our company assessments are just as powerful as syndicated reports, and about the same cost as syndicated reports, but are tailored to you and your business. Below is a peek inside some of what you get from our Company Assessment offering – take a look at just some of the impactful insights we can share to help you grow and expand your business.


Our team of analysts evaluated published content leveraging ENGINE’s access to proprietary databases such as news, creatives and social media aggregators and then selected best-in-class sources with extensive information on Disney and Disney+. In conjunction with our client’s specific needs, ENGINE crafted sophisticated search strategies that returned the most relevant content while minimizing false positive hits. We examined the results tenaciously for references to tangential relevant sources to create a thorough list of key sources. After identifying the most relevant content, our analysts synthesized the findings into an informative narrative that addresses the specific business queries identified by our client about the Disney+ business.


As an introduction to Disney+’s narrative, we include a comprehensive but concise corporate overview, key insights, and competitor matrix which encompasses all the key points of interest regarding Disney+’s business. This structure of an executive summary is standard in all of our profiles, which provides a fast, at-a-glance understanding of a company.


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ENGINE outlines Disney+’s business model of building a strong digital relationship with customers by tapping into emotions through childhood memories and extending its footprint through Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars to rounding out multiple generations of interest. Disney+ is light on original content compared to competitors but focuses on the nostalgic with an extensive library of content, international expansion and banking on the rising value of streaming services as a result of COVID-19.




Highlights the current features of Disney+ including upcoming products and pricing promotions.


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Disney+ competes with other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Peacock and HBO Max; as well as traditional cable and satellite providers. Sources provide insights on the popularity of SVOD and paid video subscribers. Additional content provides color around challenges and advantages that Disney+ has over competitors. ENGINE identifies color around the rich partnership that Disney+ maintains with influential players like Verizon, Amazon, and Delta Air Lines.




Disney+ offered a clean, targeted and focused marketing launch with a little bit for everyone including promoting “The Mandalorian” original content extensions of the Star Wars franchise. Prelaunch efforts included mentions of the launch on such ABC series, Disney store pep rallies, wrapping Disney World buses in ads and showing sneak peeks on Disney cruises.



ENGINE reviewed the broader cable/streaming market for insights on trends and issues that could impact Disney+ including accelerating cord cutting, brand loyalty to Disney and generational viewing habits. ENGINE also dug into viewer preferences among content and increased viewership as a result of COVID-19.


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ENGINE reviewed Disney+’s print/online, social media and paid media presence to provide a comprehensive understanding of the brand perception. Key findings identified that Star Wars drove much of the social media chatter around Disney+ and the services’ launch in November 2019 saw the most coverage in print/online articles. Additionally, key content like the debut of Hamilton in July drove coverage. Disney+ focused their paid media on TV ads and spent close of $90 on paid media spending during the period reviewed.


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