Did you know the ENGINE Accelerated Intelligence team can do that?

Human insight. Authoritative content. Cost-effective insights.


ENGINE’s Accelerated Intelligence Service integrates human insight and authoritative content with technology to deliver cost-effective insights into consumers, B2B customers, markets, competitors, and trends.

We leverage authoritative published content, expert insight, quick consumer surveys, and social media to address client information objectives across a wide array of topic areas, including 

Consumer and Customer Insights: trends, lifestyles, values, demographics, preferences, cultural drivers. 

Markets: enter new markets, understand competitive landscapes, anticipate market trends. 

Companies: evaluate acquisition targets, size up potential partners, understand competitor strategies. 


Trends: gauge impacts, anticipate future directions, innovation ahead of competitors, move early and fast with less risk. 

Media Audits: direct and influence the narrative consumers are writing about an individual or set of brands. 

Suppliers: identify suppliers of materials, components, products and services for new product development, alternatives for procurement, and back-ups for manufacturing.   In addition, we can acquire product samples. 

Our team of research analysts are available to provide: 

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Quick turnaround answers to your day-to-day business, market, supplier, technical and intellectual property questions 

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Monitoring of mission-critical topics and issues, updated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis (e.g., competitor activity, technology advancements, regulatory issues, industry newsletters, etc.)

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Expert Interviews on market dynamics, sizing support, trends insights, test product concepts & feasibility, understand retailers, distributors, and resellers 

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Project-based in-depth research to support strategic decision-making by combining secondary, primary and expert-based research (e.g., market assessments, market landscape studies, technology assessments, etc.)