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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in B2B

Best Practices for Digital Transformation Success in B2B Corporations


The stakes are high, and if organizations do not transform, survival is questionable. Yet, with so few successfully completing digital transformation efforts, determining the path forward can seem like a flip of the coin.

ENGINE’s Nicole Garberg, Head of Customer Experience, sat down with one of Expert ENGINE’s panelists, Jeffrey Schaubschlager, as well as ENGINE’s Head of B2B, Linda Shea, to discuss the unique concerns and issues faced by B2B companies as they advance their digital capabilities. Listen as Nicole, Jeffrey and Linda discuss the challenges B2B organizations have been facing over the past year, the importance of having a customer centric mindset, and best practices for rolling out a digital transformation.

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Topics include:

  • 5:33 – 9:46 Assessing digital transformation readiness via organizational maturity
  • 10:34 – 13:39 Assigning responsibility for transformation efforts within the organization
  • 14:00 – 16:30 Case study highlighting issues with siloed culture and responsibility within a transformation effort
  • 16:56 – 18:47 Role of vendors and partners in the overall B2B digital transformation
  • 20:18 – 25:43 Prioritizing process enhancements to establish groundwork for success
  • 25:44 – 35:17 Importance of understanding unique customer journey and user experience in B2B
  • 36:13 – 39:35 Best practices for implementing new technology
  • 40:50 – 49:59 Navigating employee impressions related to the introduction of technology
  • 50:00 – Advice for the future of B2B transformation