ENGINE US Media Consumption Report 2021

In a climate where change is the only constant, marketers are scrambling to truly identify and reach the right consumer at the right time.


As networks continue to bring great relevant content and new platforms and subscription services provide new ways to distribute content, there is a significant opportunity to provide a big impact on the way marketing and advertising programs reach their target – by using data driven consumer audience profiles that allow for insights and automation to deliver a precise understanding that make a good match between an ad and relevant content.

Getting your ad in front of the right audience at the right place and at the right time makes the desired audience more likely to engage, recall and react favorably to a message.

So how are Americans consuming their media? What channels are most popular? What should your media mix look like as you start planning for 2022? ENGINE’s Media Consumption Report provides these answers, and more, based on the latest findings from our Audience Intelligence platform.