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Optimizing the Customer Experience

Brands are increasingly using customer experience to differentiate and drive business performance, yet most fail to attach experience to business performance.


Rather than attempting to understand the relationship between CX and business outcomes, brands focus on improving ratings on their key metric of choice. If you have ever set a goal or been told that your goal is to increase NPS by five points in the next year or ten points over the next two years, you may have been a score chaser or fallen victim to score chasing.

Success Factors

The rationale behind the desire to move the needle is not necessarily flawed. After all who doesn’t want a goal related to improving customer experience. The issue is that the conversation usually ends after the new desired rating is published. However, there is still much more to discuss.  

Many factors are uniquely involved in a customer’s overall impression of your brand and their experience doing business with your organization.  

To finish the conversation, three critical questions must be answered:

Big Village Helps Optimize the Customer Experience

  • Big Village works with organizations to identify the areas of their customers’ journey that have the greatest overall impact on experience, perception of ease of doing business, and   as well as how an experience is compared to expectations.
  • We then assess performance on these touchpoints, identify the areas in need of focus and provide guidance and assistance to develop action plans. Our action plans are strategically designed to direct precious and limited resources toward the areas that are determined to yield the greatest success in positively impacting business outcomes.
  • Empowered with knowledge, solid predictive analytics, and employing a collaborative approach with our client partners, Big Village moves organizations along the customer experience maturity continuum. Unlike other consulting arrangements, we stay with our clients after delivering recommendations. When you work with Big Village you will not only get a fact-based plan with specific actions to improve the experience, you will have a true partner that helps you to create and execute customer experience improvement plans. We remain engaged throughout the activation of new initiatives, policies, and processes, measuring their effectiveness and making revisions/modifications as needed along the way to achieving our common goal.
  • This best-in-class approach to customer experience roadmap creation and activation improves customer’s lives. It also facilitates improved organization customer experience maturity. Big Village and others have consistently shown a positive direct relationship between increased CX maturity and financial performance.

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