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Product Innovation

New products and services can fuel growth. Make the wrong moves in your innovation pipeline and you may set the brand back years—make the right moves and you could send your brand to the Moon.


Including feedback loops into your innovation workflows can help increase the chance your next new product excites consumers and has the staying power to elevate your brand.

Big Village designs custom solutions leveraging best-in-class insights tools to effectively include feedback loops into your innovation process, without slowing down your aggressive timelines. We cover the full spectrum of innovation solutions, including pricing testing, product testing, iHuts, and more.

Success Factors

Big Village Helps Launch Winning Products 

  • Identify emerging trends and white space through secondary analysis and expert interviews
  • Prioritize winning concepts and why they will win through rich qual-quant research which takes us into the homes, hearts, and minds of consumers to uncover the thin threads that resonate
  • Identify the triggers and barriers to purchase through deep dives into how consumers engage with the category and adjacent categories
  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing across channels
  • Establish the optimal price for a new product
  • Identify which messages will breakthrough
  • Isolate the key target audience for new products, including segmentation, persona development, and creating custom, addressable audiences which can be leveraged across DMPs

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