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Audience Intelligence

Instant access to actionable insight


Audience Activation 

in real time


Delivering the right message—to the right audience, at the right time—has never been more important as audiences are changing their habits faster than ever.

Big Village Audience Intelligence brings the audience you need to reach right to your fingertips. It enables seamless, instant access to fresh data when you need it. Profiling your audience to activate has never been easier.




Make your media buy more effective with on-demand, actionable insights 

Big Village’s Audience Intelligence enables agencies and brands to understand customers and prospects, define their needs, and determine how to best reach them.

This interactive platform provides comprehensive insight into the demographic makeup of your customers and prospects, what they are watching, reading, listening to, and what they value and find interest in.

Examine trends to understand growth and time spent across devices and channels, over time 

Determine which media channels, apps are most effective by utilizing benchmarks

Hone planning and buying strategies with access to reach, frequency and audience duplication insights for apps and web properties




Use cross-visiting and engagement measures to find synergies for campaign and content strategies 

Measure your total audience to help package your inventory amongst other platforms and competitors

Activate seamlessly with EMX by Big Village inventory

What You Get with Audience Intelligence 


Brands and agencies can quickly and easily build rich audience profiles leveraging consumer media behaviors across print, linear, CTV (Connected TV), radio, digital, social, and podcasts, including content preferences, day parts, digital habits, demographics, and psychographics.

Integrations with rich 1st party data sources enable views of this data through the lens of over 5,000 target segments ranging from Auto Intenders to New Home Buyers, to Environmental Enthusiasts Users.

Brands and agencies can also activate campaigns against these targets by leveraging direct integrations with EMX for seamless activation without losing scale (no hops, no proxies, no guesses). 



How It Works

Big Village Audience Intelligence is based on a combination of inputs, including a 25,000-person survey of a nationally representative slice of the US population, passively collected digital click stream data providing insight to interests, sentiments, and behaviors, passively aggregated purchase data that provides intelligence on what people are buying at point of sale, and direct integrations between these sources and EMX.

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