The Pulse of the American Consumer

The Pulse of the American Consumer

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Online CARAVAN® omnibus surveys are conducted among approximately 1,000 adults selected from opt-in panels. The results are weighted to U.S. Census data to be demographically representative.


A Vaccine Update &

More on the Olympics

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we looked into how consumers are currently feeling towards the vaccine. We also checked in on sentiments surrounding the Olympics, as well as overall consumer confidence from a generational perspective.

Rising Coronavirus cases, vaccine hesitancy, the Olympic Games, and mental health are all on the minds of Americans this week.

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Olympic Games &

Back-to-School Shopping

With the start of the Olympic Games, we took intel as to whether or not consumers will be following along with the broadcast and events. We also gained insight into how consumers are feeling about the current COVID-19 situation and how they plan on doing their back-to-school shopping.

The Summer Olympics, COVID-19, extreme weather, and back to school shopping are all on the minds of Americans this week.

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Inflation & The Economy

The cause of the current inflation occurring in America is up for debate, with some consumers believing it is due to coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, while others believe it is a by-product of government spending. Other consumers believe it a combination and further do not have any opinion on the cause of inflation.

The Pulse: A Vaccine Update and More on the Olympics

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Wearing Masks & the MLB Events

The MLB All-Star Game, Home Run Derby and Futures Game are this week. We asked consumers if they will be watching the events, as well as how they feel about wearing masks in different settings, Biden’s presidency, and other current events happening around the world.

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