The Pulse of the American Consumer

The Pulse of the American Consumer

ENGINE keeps you up to date via “The Pulse of the American Consumer” with weekly CARAVAN® Omnibus Surveys focused on continued insight into consumer sentiment for businesses across all industries.

ENGINE’s CARAVAN Omnibus Surveys is an agile solution providing actionable data quickly and cost-effectively, uncovering the insights you need to succeed.

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Online CARAVAN® omnibus surveys are conducted among approximately 1,000 adults selected from opt-in panels. The results are weighted to U.S. Census data to be demographically representative.


A Glance at the

Political Climate

Politics seem to be everywhere these days, impacting daily life. We asked consumers about their current opinions on the political climate regarding leadership and issues, as well as their overall sentiments on current events happening across the country.

Tax revenue, vaccine booster shots, the minimum wage, and the 2024 Presidential candidates are all on the minds of Americans this week.

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The Texas Abortion Law

& Investing Strategies

There have been many conversations surrounding the passing of the Texas Abortion Law earlier this month; Americans shared how they feel about companies speaking out on the matter. Consumers also gave insight into how and where they are investing their money.

The Texas abortion law, rising prices of consumer goods, labor shortages, and cryptocurrency are all on the minds of Americans this week.

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National Security &
Delta Variant Updates

With the events taking place in Afghanistan, national security is top of mind for many Americans. They are also concerned about how the Delta variant is impacting our society, from mask mandates and requirements to vaccine boosters.

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Feelings Towards the U.S. Census

The 2020 U.S. Census data was released last week, and Americans weighed in on how they feel about certain findings on the current U.S. population. They also gave insight into how they feel about current events, President Biden, and vaccine/proof of vaccination requirements.

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