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The Pillars of Our Practice

ENGINE drives growth through customer centricity.


At ENGINE, we explore the intentions behind customer behavior, uncovering not just the “what” but the “why”. We go beyond research to deliver integrated expertise and products that fine tune your data strategies, drive bottom line growth, and differentiate in today’s marketplace.

We proudly support clients’ Insights needs with our agile tools, optimizing the customer experience, journey mapping, building & strengthening brands, concept testing, segmentation, product testing, innovation, path to purchase, strategy, data & analytics, digital qualitative, online communities, audience creation & targeting, B2B research, youth research, and more.

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Insights Capabilities

Whether you’re focused on marketing understanding, smart strategy, or data & analytics, ENGINE has the solution you need.

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Business Questions We Solve

Whether you’re looking to rethink your business, sell more, or make better decisions, ENGINE can help you answer your critical business questions.

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Agile Research

Let’s face it: we all are looking for a way to get insights costs lower, get results faster and avoid the dreaded DIY gloom. When you need DIY timing and pricing but can’t risk going it alone, is there really an option? ENGINE’s Agile toolkit helps companies achieve their goals and add value without settling for the DIY “good enough.” We believe it’s possible to work with a partner, with the speed of a DIY solution, to create exceptional value for your business without breaking your budget.

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Audience Segmentation & Targeting

ENGINE’s Digital Audiences & Audience Intelligence solutions help you deliver the right message, to the right consumer at the right time. These solutions enable agencies and brands to understand customers and prospects, define their needs, and determine how to best reach them.

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Customer Experience Focus

ENGINE believes you can use CX as an offensive weapon. Our holistic approach combines your customers’ and employees’ voices with performance measurement, behavioral data and predictive analytics to reveal the specific levers that drive customer acquisition, facilitate retention and maximize customer lifetime value.

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Business to Business Strategy

ENGINE helps B2B organizations seeking to create sustainable growth as they proactively develop strategies to:

    1. enter new markets
    2. innovate through products/services/processes
    3. establish customer experience (CX) as a differentiator to grow existing customer relationships

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Campaign Measurement

ENGINE recognizes the challenges marketers face with improving marketing ROI, tying marketing investments to sales is challenging in multi-channel world. Our portfolio of measurement solutions, including Media Mix Modeling, Multi-Touch Attribution, and Incrementality Testing (AKA ‘Brand Lift’) is designed to help marketers quantify what they are getting for their investments and leverage these insights to plan better campaigns in the future.

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